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Sexual Harassment

Have you ever been a victim of wrongful termination or sexual harassment? Leone Law is here to help. Leone Law Firm is a small and caring law boutique based in California. We specialize in protecting people who have been treated unfairly by their employers or who have experienced sexual harassment or injustice. Leone Law believes everyone has the same rights to be respected and to have their voice heard. When you have been subjected to unfair practice, it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. Leone Law Firm offers free consultations that can help you identify if you have been a victim of malpractice and if you could be entitled to compensation as a result. Unfortunately, even in our progressive society, there are still far too many instances where people have been taken advantage of either sexually or because of their age, race, or gender. We can’t allow this to continue and by working together we can aim to eradicate such behaviors for future generations. At Leone Law, we believe we have a duty to tomorrow’s children to give them a happy working environment where they will be valued and can feel safe. Only by tackling each case of malpractice individually can we hope to achieve a better and stronger society for the next generation. Leone Law also offers support for cases of personal injury and motor injury. We have extensive links with other specialty law firms who can help. When you come to Leone Law, know you will be listened to like a member of the family. Leone Law will fight for you when you don’t feel able to fight for yourself.

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